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86 year old Mother of six, Grandmother of nine, has passed away The elderly P…

86 year old Mother of six, Grandmother of nine, has passed away The elderly Port Elizabeth woman who was brutally…

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86 year old Mother of six, Grandmother of nine, has passed away

The elderly Port Elizabeth woman who was brutally beaten with a hammer by two men who attacked her inside her Kamma Park home has died.

Ann Smit, 86, was found lying in a pool of blood inside her Martha Street, Kamma Park, home about four weeks ago.

Ann passed away in Greencares Hospital shortly before 9am on Wednesday from head injuries sustained during the brutal attack.

Since the incident, police have still been trying to locate the two men who evade capture.

Ann’s son Andre, 59, from Alberton in Gauteng, said that the family were coping with the death. “We are all very sad about this attack but we noticed her condition deteriorate in the recent weeks.

She was discharged about a week after the attack but re-admitted a few days later after there were complications. Over the past two weeks, her condition just started to deteriorate in hospital.”

Andre described his mother as a strong and resilient woman – who raised six boys and was the grandmother of nine children.

“She was much loved and a very devoted mother. For the past eleven years she has been a widow and was being cared for by one of my brothers who lives in Port Elizabeth,” he said.

“The family is spread out across the country and have been in and out of the Port Elizabeth since the attack.

Many have since left to go back home but managed to say their goodbye’s earlier this week when her condition just got to such a bad state.”

Andre said that since the attack, more details had emerged. “At the time of the attack it was thought that the men attacked her during the robbery. We later discovered that she actually heard the two men breaking into the neighbours house.

She went to investigate which then led to the confrontation and resulted in her being attacked inside her house.”
Andre said that the fatal blow was either from the back of an axe or a hammer.

“This led to a fractured skull and other damage which in time resulted in her death. It is a very sad day for the family but we are coping,” he said.

“She was such a strong and lively woman – loved by everyone that knew her. Before this attack, she was in perfect health.

Asked about the suspects in the attack, Andre said that the police were keeping them informed of the progress.

“The police are trying hard to find the suspects and are keeping us up to date on their progress. I hope that they will be caught before hurting anyone else,” he said.

“One can only hope and believe that once the men are caught, they will be handed down a punishment that fits the crime of murder.”

Ann’s death comes after she was found in the passage of her home after Neighbourhood watch patrol member Gerrit Koen – who lives in the street – spotted two men scaling Ann’s perimeter wall.

A chase ensued resulting in the two attackers dropping a bag of items which had been stolen during the robbery.

While the chase was on, patroller Marco van Niekerk went to the house and found Ann – semi conscious and slurring – lying in a pool of blood in the passage of the house.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Alwin Labans said that the case has now changed to murder.

The suspects’ escape was captured on CCTV cameras in the area. Detectives found an axe lying outside in the garden and a hammer inside the house.
Two weeks after the robbery, detectives received a tip off on the suspect’s location but failed to locate the men.
Labans said that while progress had been made, detectives were still trying to locate the two attackers. “The Trio Task team has been given the case to investigate,” he said.
The Walmer police station Trio Task Team investigate serious and violent crimes, such as murders and armed robberies, in the Walmer policing area.
Lorraine Neighbourhood Watch chairman Peter Graham said that the entire community were shocked at the news of Ann’s death.

“We are extremely saddened by the senseless loss of life. While the police seem to be making progress in the case, it is taking time.

This now moves the goal post and we are hoping the police speedily track down and catch the perpetrators.”

The Funeral will be held at NG Gemeente Church in Marne Avenue, Lorraine, at 2pm on Friday.

86 year old Mother of six, Grandmother of nine, has passed away 

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86 year old Mother of six, Grandmother of nine, has passed away 

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