Bejaarde dink flink toe sy inbreker in huis sien

Elderly woman thinks fast on her feet when she sees the burglar

An elderly Bloemfontein’s woman’s rapid action probably rescued her life, and that of her husband. Upon hearing the robbers, she quickly locked the door to the bedroom.
A pickaxe which the attackers would have possibly used if the couple had resisted the attackers, was later found in the garage.
An unknown number of men gained access through the kitchen to Peter and Bernie Truluck’s Gratias retirement home in Dan Pienaar on Tuesday, at 02:55.
Various articles, including a car, several bottles of beverages, food and a television set were stolen.
Bernie says, although they are still severely traumatized, they thank God for being alive and that no harm came about. “We live, and it is all that matters.”
The retired hairdresser says she is shivering to think what would have happened to them if they’d crossed the men while breaking in.
“Just look what they wanted to use,” she said as she pointed to the pickaxe on the floor of the garage.
She woke up at 02:55 when the alarm went off and went to investigate. As she walked in the hallway, she saw a man hiding behind the curtains. Some of the other attackers were apparently already in the garage. “I hurried to the bedroom, locked us up and let the security company know there are people in our house.”

Here the couple waited until the security company arrived, but the men were already gone.
Bernie says, although they regard all as just materials things, their sadness is about the Toyota that has been stolen.
“Gary, our son, just left the car the previous day. He bought it as a gift for his 17-year-old daughter. He would have surprised her with that. ”
The couple do not blame the retirement village at all. They say Gratias’ safety is far above standard and the security measures are improved monthly. The Truluck’s are each 74 years old. Management of the retirement village could not be reached for comment.

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Bejaarde dink flink toe sy inbreker in huis sien

’n Bejaarde vrou se vinnige optrede deur die hoofslaapkamer se deur toe sluit toe gewapende aanvallers hul huis binnekom, het waarskynlik lewens gered.


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