Bfn-boelies dwing glo meisie om stopnaald te sluk

Bfn-bullies force girl to swallow darning needle

A nine-year-old student from Bloemfontein has undergone surgery to remove a darning needle from her stomach which she apparently swallowed. Her mother said she had to do it to prevent two bullies from beating her up.
The mother says her daughter whose name is withheld because she is a minor, and because her mother does not want to expose her, is being bullied by two older girls aged 11 and 12, respectively, since she was at the Primary School at the beginning of the second quarter at the CF Visser school in Bloemfontein.
The two older children have often threatened to hit her if she didn’t give her sandwiches to them, said her mother. “They hit her hard in her face. My daughter is also a petite child.” Thursday while the children were French knitting “Tolletjie Brei”, these two threatened to hit her if she did not swallow a darning needle. The options were swallow or be beaten. I think she was frightened and swallowed without realizing how dangerous it was. She was so scared and traumatized. “She has not yet explained exactly how she swallowed it or to what extent they forced her.
We’ll have that conversation.” According to the mother, the school called her when they found out she had swallowed the needle. “We had to take my daughter straight to the hospital for a scan, which showed the needle lying in her stomach.
An operation could only be done at the Universitas Academic Hospital on Saturday morning. The doctor says she could have died if we arrived there a day later.”
A hospital spokeswoman confirmed that the operation was done.
The girl’s father met on Friday morning with the acting principal, Zak Steyn. “We would like the parents of the two bullies to be present too. Someone must accept responsibility. That hospital cost comes from our own bag.”
Steyn says he was on a rugby tour this Wednesday and will contact the family on Thursday. “We will definitely pay attention to the issue, as well as how to handle bullying behaviour at school. We plan to launch an anti-bully campaign at the school.” He says he cannot say whether the school will contribute to the family’s medical expenses.
The mother said she had discussed the issue once with her daughter’s class teacher on a parent night and also wrote a letter when the bully broke her daughter’s pencils. “I assumed then it was because she was new to school, and was an easy target to be bullied.”

Bfn-boelies dwing glo meisie om stopnaald te sluk ajax loader

Bfn-boelies dwing glo meisie om stopnaald te sluk

’n Negejarige leerling van Bloemfontein het ’n operasie ondergaan om ’n stopnaald uit haar maag te verwyder wat sy glo onder dwang ingesluk het.


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