Dutch Backpacker reportedly Commits Suicide: Mt. Moreland – KZN

The body of a 28-year-old Dutchman was discovered hanging from a rafter at a chalet in Mt. Moreland – KZN this morning.

At approximately 07:37 members of Reaction Unit South Africa was called out to the scene by the owner who made the discovery. Upon arrival a RUSA Member climbed through an opening above the door which was locked from the inside. Paramedics assessed the man and found that he showed no signs of life and was declared deceased at the scene. A photo album containing pictures of a child was found open on the bed next to the deceased. It could not be confirmed if the pictures were of his daughter.

According to the owner the man had booked into the lodge on Wednesday this week. Last night he purchased alcohol and returned to his room. This morning she proceeded to his chalet to hand over his washed clothing and to inform him of his check out time. When she failed to get his attention she looked through a window and found him in a seated position on the top bunk with a belt tied to a rafter.

Circumstances surrounding the suicide has not been established at this stage. Police are investigating and attempts to track the deceased’s next of kin is underway.

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