New waste rules for Johannesburg: here’s how to recycle

The City of Johannesburg will force residents to separate their refuse before it is collected by PikItUp from July 1, 2018

The company would provide residents with colour coded plastic bags – blue for glass and plastic, and green for bio-degradable waste.

Here are some tips (provided by PikItUp) on how to recycle in Johannesburg:

Have separate storage containers in the yard for dry waste, wet waste, and garden waste.

Keep separate containers for dry recyclables and wet waste in the kitchen.

Keep glass / plastic / metal containers rinsed of food matter and put into the dry recyclables bag.

Keep paper and cardboard materials also in the dry recyclables bag.

Take out your “clear colour” or “blue colour” recycling bag on the scheduled kerbside collection day for collection by PikItUp.
Alternatively, take your recycling bag to the nearest drop-off facility (i.e. garden site) for further re-use, recycling or processing.

Take your garden waste bag(s) to the nearest drop-off facility (i.e. garden site) for further composting or processing.

Not all will be affected by the new separation of waste rules and the city has urged residents to visit www.pikitup.co.za and check the list of affected suburbs.

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