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Dear Cape Town Open letter to Councillors 22 April 2018 This letter is directed to the 231 councillors in the…

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Dear Cape Town
Open letter to Councillors
22 April 2018
This letter is directed to the 231 councillors in the City of Cape Town, entrusted with our votes, to act on our instruction and to look out for us. Thus far one councillor has come out publically to criticize the budget and to distance himself from it. Where are the voices of the other 230 councillors?
The 2017/18 Budget from the City of Cape Town was voted for by a majority of councillors and passed to be put to Public Participation which closes on 4 May 2018. There was NO debate allowed on the budget when it was presented and signed off by council. This comment period for the public to peruse the 1 804 page Budget is too short. I appeal to councillors to extend this period immediately. If you yourself do not understand the budget, the unworkable side of it and the implication of implementing it, please pass a motion to extend the deadline for the Public Participation.
The 2018/19 budget reaches right in to every single person’s home to whom municipal services are provided to. Why are none of the councillors questioning the failure of the city to deliver significant augmented water? Over R1bn was spent on augmentation schemes to date? The city currently has not spent the R2.7bn which was allowed by minister Gigaba in the reprioritisation of the 2017/18 budget in December. Yet you see it fit to pass a budget asking for even more money from the already cash stricken working class.
Councillors, I appeal to your conscience to stand up and fight for the public that voted for you and keeping you in office. You cannot remain part of this extortion and claim that you are serving and upholding in a democracy. You cannot continue to sell us out.
As a member of the public I am deeply concerned about what our local government is now standing for and the blatant disregard for the needs, well-being and wishes of the public.
This budget in its current form adds up to 35% to the working class citizen’s municipal bill at a time when the country’s GDP is under 1% and the inflation rate is under 5%. It is just insane to expect the public to foot a multi-billion capital expenditure to augment our water supply in a period of 3 years. Nowhere in the world does any business work according to such a model Capital expenditure of this nature is normally spread over ten to twenty years.
I therefore urge you to ask the right questions in council and caucus meetings. Speak up if you are not allowed to represent our voices. Use your democratic, elected right to change this disastrous route the City of Cape Town is finding itself on.
Inaction by you and blindly accepting what you are told, will leave its scars on society for many years to come – history will report that you stood by and did NOTHING.
Kind regards

Sandra Dickson
STOP COCT – On behalf of 10 500 members and 22 300 people who have already voiced their objection on

HUGE TARIFF INCREASES FOR RESIDENTS | Dear Cape Town 31248850 6089885422957 8357244082925338624 n


The City of Cape Town has invited you to comment on the substantial tariff increases proposed in the 2018/19 draft budget. Please have your say by clicking on the image or link.


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