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Stepfather Raped Child 900 Times: Verulam – KZN A 43 year old man (pictured st…

Stepfather Raped Child 900 Times: Verulam – KZN A 43 year old man (pictured standing in dock) that was arrested…

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Stepfather Raped Child 900 Times: Verulam – KZN

A 43 year old man (pictured standing in dock) that was arrested by Members of Reaction Unit South Africa on June 12th, 2018 for the rape of his 10 year old stepdaughter has applied for bail in the Verulam Magistrates Court this morning (Tuesday).

The Investigating Officer informed the court that he intended apposing bail for the suspect after he threatened the child & RUSA Reaction Officers in the presence of four other Police Officers during an interview. The Court also heard that the child was believed to have been raped approx 900 times since her mothers death in 2013. The victims informed Police that her stepfather had raped her almost every second day for several years. The child’s biological father passed on in 2017.

The court was then informed that the suspect had lied about his permanent employment as an auto electrician & that he had only worked a few days a month. The suspect also had no fixed abode & changed his residence approx every four months and for the passed few years has resided in Benoni, Effingham, Pinetown, Reservoir Hills, Sydehnam & other areas in Gauteng & KwaZulu-Natal.

Investigations also revealed that the suspect was charged and convicted for Assault & Malicious Injury to Property in 2004 & 2006. In both cases the complainants were the suspects parents. An ex-girlfriend of the suspect had provided the Court with a copy of a Protection Order. The Protection Order was granted in 2015 after the suspect informed his girlfriend that with his military training he would kill her & make it look like a suicide.

The Court was also informed that the child’s identity document was recovered from a school in Johannesburg & indicated that the victim was born in September 2007. It could not be established whether the child had completed Grade 1. The child was assessed & found that she could be placed in school in Grade 3 & that she would not fit in with Grade 5 that was appropriate for a 10 year old. Investigations also reveal that the child was enrolled in two institutions but had not pitched on the first day of school.

The Investigator further explained to the court that the child feared for her life because her stepfather had repeatedly informed her over the years that she would be killed and buried like he had killed her mother years ago. The suspect has two kids and an ex wife in the Western Province & has not had contact with them in years.

The Legal Aid Attorney acting for the accused informed the Magistrate that his client was severely assaulted by Officers from Reaction Unit South Africa during his arrest & that cases of Attempted Murder had been opened at Phoenix & Verulam SAPS. He explained that the suspect suffered severe head & bodily injuries. He further informed the court that his client needed to be treated for his injuries & needed medical attention for diabetes.

He was remanded in custody at Westville Prison & the bail application will continue on July 5th, 2018 (Thursday).

Stepfather Raped Child 900 Times:  Verulam – KZN

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