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This was sent in by a follower regarding an experience she had when traveling to…

This was sent in by a follower regarding an experience she had when traveling to O R Tambo international airport,…

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This was sent in by a follower regarding an experience she had when traveling to O R Tambo international airport, & she believed that the information would be of interest to those who use ORTIA.

The question we have is why have the ORTIA CCTV control room staff not been properly investigated & subjected to truth verification testing?

Her recounting of the incident is as follows:

I returned from a trip to India, flying from Mumbai, via Dubai & on to ORT.

In my tiredness and haste, I picked up the wrong suitcase. I had two full large suitcases which I had bag wrapped with plastic at Mumbai.

I wound my weary way through customs, and then turned right as I came out to avoid the crowd of people waiting for arrivals. I then made for the nearest exit because I am a smoker & that’s what we do.

At the door, I turned left & had my smoke. I then made my way down the road to avoid the constant taxi driver touting.

Suddenly I got a phone call from ACSA to say I’d picked up the wrong suitcase. The man calling me explained my route, in detail, that I had taken to go through customs, where I turned, what door, etc., and where I presently was. I was a bit stunned by that.

I asked him how he knew that, he said cryptically that ‘the airport knows these things’. I then called a Uber to take me home because I had the two large suitcases, hand luggage, handbag, etc.

Uber advised me to head to domestic departures upstairs where they would pick me up. My very nice Congolese driver picked me up there & explained that Uber was being currently harassed & chased away by the other taxi drivers.

En route to Sandton, there was a traffic jam on the highway just before Linksfield Road so I suggested to the driver that we go that way. We turned off the offramp, turned right into Linksfield, then at the robot, turned into what becomes Glenhove Road.

It was about 11.30am at that stage and there was minimal traffic in our direction, but quite a lot of oncoming traffic. Suddenly a white panel van pulled out from behind us & came alongside, then attempted several times to head us off by swerving violently into us.

The Uber driver was completely baffled & tried to speed up. I had a feeling, so I pulled down the cosmetic mirror & sure enough, right up our tail, there was some sort of green car with two Bravo males right up our tail.

I realised the driver in the white panel van was trying to stop us & the car behind would then jump us. I immediately told the driver to slow right down, so that other traffic travelling in our direction would catch up with us, and I told him it was easier to manoeuvre if we were going slow. by this time, the guys at the back realised that we knew what was going on by our constant looking in the mirror & the pointing we did, as well as the slowing down.

The guy behind flashed his lights as we approached the next robot, then the panel van turned right & the green car turned left, butting across lanes.

My point is that there is obviously detailed surveillance going at ORT, and I think someone in that department is phoning & passing information.

There was not enough time between my exit from the lift into domestic departures & the arrival of the Uber for there to have been a detailed plan, involving at least two vehicles.

It is obvious that they are targeting those who look either wealthy or who have a lot of luggage.
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